Distance Learning BCA Course

BCA distance education is provided to applicants who want to follow graduation in the field of computer applications. We are among the top 10 distance learning education providers in India.

Advantages of BCA Course

  • It makes an aspirant learn specialized competence in evolving software and its designing and enactments.
  • The course permits a student to advance knowledge to be able to examine and thus address problems in computer applications and structures.
  • BCA distance education also clarifies the fusion and investigation tangled with computer systems and computer applications.
  • The course is measured to be a substitute to a traditional engineering course in computer science, as it covers various topics like: – computer networks, programming languages, database management, multimedia operating systems, etc.

Course Duration

The duration of the BCA distance education learning program is 6 semesters in minimum of 3 years and maximum of 6 years.

Course Eligibility

10 + 2 in any stream

BCA Course Objectives

The Bachelor of Computer Application focuses on developing essential skills required for IT Industry through interactive learning process. The following course also focus on team building skills, verbal presentations and PD programs. This curriculum has been planned to cater the fluctuations of the IT Industry along with the necessary inputs. The objective of this BCA course is to develop skilled professionals in the various areas of the IT Industry.

Internal Assignment

The internal assignment of BCA distance education will be of 30 marks. Two assignments will be given in each course. It will be submitted to the concerned IGC for forward submission to the University. Marks Gained in assignments will be shown distinctly in the Mark sheet. In Project Report Writing there will be no Internal Assignment.


There will be a term-end-examination at the end of the minimum duration of the study i.e. one year. It transmits a weight-age of 70% marks. It will be detained in the month of June and December every year.

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