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Top Universities for Distance Learning BBA Course | JaganNath University

Distance Learning BBA Course

DIMT (Delhi Institute of Management & Technology) provides Distance Learning BBA course in India from a recognized university. This BBA program of distance learning is designed in a way keeping in mind the needs of the present business world, where the students will be working ultimately and thus this distance learning course has an entirely different approach to education overall.

Advantages of Distance Learning BBA Course

  • The course delivers students with the basic understanding about Management and trains them in communication skills excellently, while instructing skills of entrepreneurship.
  • DIMT is one of the supreme providers of distance learning education in India and have been positively providing distance learning courses in countless fields of education.
  • We not only teach students about the perceptions of industry, but also provide them with insights of the business, giving them priceless experience of the industry atmosphere in advance and hence help them boost confidence in themselves.
  • All this and more are provided to aspirants by the help of our extremely industry qualified faculty who play an animated role in supervising the students till placements.

Eligibility Criteria

The basic eligibility requirements for a scholar to join the distance learning BBA is 10+2 or /3-year Diploma from a State Board of Education.

Course Duration

The period of the course is 6 semesters (minimum 3 years and maximum 6 years).

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